Couples Yoga


Want to connect with your partner in the most in the most powerful way? Our couple’s yoga classes help build strong connections while mastering Asana through practice.

Note: Classes booked based on numbers – Maximum 5 couples per class

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Traditionally, yoga is an individual practice. It’s an opportunity to stretch, breathe, and focus on your mat in the present moment. However, jointly practicing yoga with another person, whether that be a friend, partner, or significant other, can have its own unique benefits.

Known as couples’ yoga or partner yoga, this practice allows two people to relate to one another through assisted poses. From stretching your levels of trust to strengthening your communication, couples’ yoga can have a positive effect on your relationship that extends far beyond the physical

Strengthen your body and your bond: 4 benefits of couples’ yoga

  • Increased relationship satisfaction. Just the act of trying out a couples’ yoga class with your partner can help you to feel more satisfied with your relationship.
  • Improved intimacy and sex life.
  • Increased communication and trust.
  • Reduced anxiety and stress.