Private One-on-One


Our private consultations offer a personal and safe space for you to develop an understanding of courageous presence. Together, we develop ways of create new mind/body patterns. This helps overall health and well-being in the process.

Please note this is for only: 1.5hr session for 1 person only.


As an Empowerment Coach, I will help you remember your authentic self by bringing awareness to your core beliefs about who you are. I will help shine light on what needs to be healed in order for you to become the greatest version of who you are.

Your life is simply a reflection of your beliefs. Break up with your ego and stand in your authentic power today.


  • Personalised Yoga Therapy, meditation, restorative, sound bowl healing.
  • Empowerment coaching & more.
  • We personalise each private session based on your individual needs.