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Welcome to Embrace Bliss & Grace!

A space for deep healing & connection. We are so much more than the body that we present to the external world, so much energy gets trapped beneath the masks we are forced to wear through the pressure of modern-day chaos, trauma, and self-doubt. My offerings help shift stagnant energy within the body & to help guide you back to yourself. Services include Trauma Embodiment Sessions, Mentorship Zoom Consultations, Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Upala Space Retreats, Workshops, Astrology readings, and eco-friendly products.

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“Healing comes in waves,
maybe today the waves hit the rocks,
and that’s okay, you’re all still healing.
Be compassionate to yourself”

– Shay


The steps we are taking today will encourage a more connected future within ourselves and the world around us. We have so much opportunity for change and healing.


Our products are 100% recyclable and our hearts are 100% invested in YOU and YOUR impact. We’re all in this together.


May you find a moment today in your busy life to sit down, be present and honour the beautiful soul that you are.

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Reforest Jute Eco Bags

A natural jute tote bag that’s great for shopping and everyday use. Because forest is the best solution to our climate and biodiversity.

Made from high quality vegetable fibre. 

Helping give back to mother nature. 

Non-woven polypropylene. 

Biodiversity friendly. 

Helps contribute to landscape restoration. 

Great for shopping and everyday use. 



Each purchase helps contribute to landscape restoration every time an order is placed.

Quote Of The Day

Your strength is how calmly, quietly and, peacefully you face life.

– Yohgi Bhajan

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