How I healed my daughters eczema naturally,

Honestly, I had no idea how stressful eczema truly is. I knew family members and friends growing up who suffered from eczema, I didn’t understand the severity of it until we went through it with our second daughter Wynter. I have linked all products/places for you in this Blog to save you going crazy on the internet like I had to do!

Wynter was born at 39 weeks naturally at Royal Brisbane Hospital. Her labour was what I would consider amazing (as amazing as labour gets) apart from my placenta being retained. All and all, I delivered a healthy 7 pound 3 baby girl. Unfortunately, I went septic post birth and therefore required antibiotics, as did Wynter for precaution in case the placenta was infected prior to birth.

My darling newborn

Although of course I do not think antibiotics are the cause of our daughter’s eczema, they are certainly contributors as they can strip the good bacteria from the gut. With that said, I urge you to buy probiotics for your little ones and commence from birth to prevent this from happening. Also, while your at it, buy them for yourself! Especially if you are pregnant.

I am a firm believer in the use of probiotics and hold them of the highest importance. Antibiotics or not, I think it should be mandatory that we are all on them. Babies are born with an immature gut health and imunity. As adults, our gut health gets destroyed by chemicals in our food every single day.

Wynter had a healthy 5 months of life until we started the introduction of solids. The eczema started around her face and spread quite rapidly. Within 2 months, she was covered head to toe in eczema. I am a health advocate but I was at a complete loss with her skin. I spent nights in bed crying for her and wondering what I had done wrong a long the way.

Christmas Eve we put Wynter into the bath with some coconut oil, hoping that its natural healing properties would assist in some relief for her. That night we ended up in hospital! Turns out our girl is allergic to coconuts (Just our luck, I swear by coconut oil)

Our Christmas Eve

The hospital confirmed she *May* have allergies, I say this lightly because they also tried to tell us it was teething rash. After this event I became hesitant to feed Wynter solids, every time we took a step forward, she reacted and we were back to square one. NO cream worked for her, if anything she reacted instantly to the cream, leaving her inconsolable. We would go out to run errands and people would give us funny looks like we had neglected our child, not knowing how hard we were trying to help her heal.

Her skin got that bad, her ears were sticking to her head because her whole body was oozing. We would sponge bath her to help the ooze. It was horrible.

I spent so many nights on the internet researching what I should be doing and nothing was working. I paid $450 for a compound script to be sent over from England. I cancelled the script within 2 days as I didn’t feel comfortable giving our daughter steroids.

Although I do believe that pharmaceuticals and the medical industry have an important purpose and are beneficial, I don’t believe that long term steroids should EVER be an option. The skin is a reflection of your gut health. If you can get to the root cause of your external issue from within, you will see results. I can say this confidently based on our own success.

My dad called me one day when I was feeling completely defeated. I burst into tears, not making much sense at all, he knew I was at a complete loss. He contacted everyone he could to help until the universe guided us to Gordon. Gordon is a Kinesiologist, naturopath, natural medicine wizard (as I like to call him!)

Homeopathic Remedies

Let me explain Kinesiology, because I know I was confused at first and to be fair, I think you really need to see and experience its success first hand.

Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s well-being. Originating in the 1970’s, it combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies and accessing the life enhancing potential within the individual. A non-invasive energetic healing medicine.

I’ve attached a video link HERE for you too.

 Gordon asked for us to bring in a whole variety of foods that we regularly feed, all of our cleaning products, toiletries. Literally, I almost took my entire whole house along. During our examination we found that Wynter reacted to wheat, dairy, fragrances, all creams we had been using, all detergents and mould.

What was even more interesting was, he suggested she was suffering an emotion of guilt reflected by me. This was soon after I had gone through a significant life event and she was picking up on my energy. People look at the human body as what it is and don’t understand that every emotion that we feel, our body feeds and reflects externally off this energy. Illness arise off ill emotions. Do yourself a favour and watch the documentary HEAL on Netflix. It explains this a depth, a lifechanging way to understand how to nourish the body from within.

After this app we also went to our dermatologist who confirmed that she had established a staph infection on her skin due to the severity of the eczema. Given the time frame of the introduction of solids and how rapidly her eczema flared up we were referred to the allergist for testing.

We visited the Allergy Medical Group at Newstead who performed a prick test panel to help detect an allergic reaction. During this test we confirmed the allergies we suspected along with yeast. We also discovered that she is anaphylactic to egg whites and yolk. We had never given eggs to Wynter as we were holding off until 12 months. I’m thankful we found out her anaphylaxis allergy when we did, she was due to start day-care soon after (who are now EGG FREE – Bless them!)  She is that allergic to eggs that people can’t eat anything even mixed with them and come into contact with her. She was prescribed an epi-pen and antihistamines in the event of a reaction. 

It was after we found out her main contributing food allergies that we started to see significant improvement. She is on a completely dairy (Novolac allergy formula), wheat, coconut, egg and yeast free diet. She eats organic and wholesome foods along with BIOCEUTICALS Baby probiotics every day, Bone broth supplements in her to boost her immunity. We dress her in 100% cotton material to let her skin breathe, only use wet wipes (no fragerance) along with the use of our ECOEGG instead of laundry powder. Our household contains all ecofriendly cleaning products and is kept intensely clean.

We found 2 products that work well to keep her skin hydrated, Dermeze lotion and Dermaveen bath oil. A few of our go to main eco cleaning products are:

Bicarb soda, lemon, vinegar, eco store range. ALL from woolworths.

And finally, we give her powdered vit c before and after vaccines to help absorb the strain effectively and detox the chemicals. Read for more info HERE

We will be getting another allergy panel done before her 12 month injections to see if her allergy is still severe. Some vaccines include eggs, please do your research on what ingredients are included in your vaccines. Many vaccine reactions are caused from an allergic reaction. If our girl is still severe, we will be applying for an exception and not taking this risk.

We managed to heal our daughter naturally in just a few weeks and have had no additional flare ups. Along this journey, I do understand that every child’s circumstances/immunities are very different and that I am not a medical professional. I just hope that this can provide you with knowledge you may not have known before the use of long-term medication. I hope this gave you additional info and I wish you or anyone close to you suffering from this condition the very best.



 You CAN do this xx

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