Remove the woven threads within you, untangle from the illusions
of the mind and become deeply connected to the body.

The Unravelling

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Are you somebody who wants to untangle parts of yourself that have kept you from living your most abundant life so that you can embody your true essence?

Are you ready to learn deeply about the power of your body and break free from belief systems that control your reality?

To become aware of the chaotic world around you and the one that lives within you ~ The mind.

Its time to come back to the healing forces of your body.

It is time to listen to the call, honour yourself, and become the embodied being that you truly are.

What we perceive ourselves to be is an illusion of the mind. What we embody is our truth.

Come back home to you.

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Every Thursday as of November 19th – December 10th, 7 pm AEST time via zoom