My Biofeedback Experience

A little while ago a friend told me about a device that could detect frequency imbalances throughout the human body. Immediately I gravitated towards the idea of giving this a try. I am such a firm believer that all on earth, is based on energy.  Therefore, it excited me to know that there was such a machine that could really justify this theory. I’m an inquisitive woman, you couldn’t have booked me in soon enough!


Some information on the device:

 The Educator Biofeedback device readjust the incorrect frequencies in the body such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and toxins. These stressors all resonate at a particular frequency. The device can assess the different factors and determine how they affect our overall health. The eductor device measures the frequencies of more than 11 thousand different substances! From the information gained it determines the bodies needs, the dysfunctions and weaknesses. With the eductor, it allows a more detailed picture that covers all levels of our health. What is even more impressive, is that it can allow the ability to re-educate the energetic imbalances. With the use of the device, stress, which can also be connected to many problems, injury, or emotional trauma, can be reduced. As a result of treatment, our overall well-being is improved. We become balanced mentally and physically.


The device is operated by a lovely soul called Chrissy. Chrissy makes the whole experience so comforting and informative. All though she does delve deep into emotional traumas, which can be quite confronting, the energy is so calming in the room. The whole process is so natural that the machine literally puts you in a state of Zen, its incredible. During my reading with Chrissy we worked a variety of issues. We started to release old toxins that my body had held onto for a significant amount of time. The device picked up a reading that indicated my pain threshold was so high, I was unable to detect pain in times of sickness. This was important to release, as I had told Chrissy that in the past, I had struggled to feel pain or sickness that were very serious. The machine also detected hormonal imbalance and uterus malfunction. It detected the exact hormones that were affecting my infertility before conceiving Wynter via Fertility treatment. We worked long and hard on my uterus to rectify these issues. I do recall at one point; the machine signalled a warning for Chrissy to stop as it was struggling with the frequencies. After some time, we managed to balance this and re-educate the body.

The last area that the device works on are your traumas (the moment I took a deep breath). The machine detected high levels of guilt. Immediately, I related this emotion to Wynter. I know that of course these things cannot be controlled, however, it’s a mother’s instinct to blame herself for her child’s condition. A burden, trapped within my subconscious mind. The machine also detected judgemental views of herself. I hate to say it, but this one has been chronic all of my life. It is something that I work on religiously with the power of affirmations and prioritising self-love practices. It also picked up grief over loss, fear of failure and the conflicting ‘Over-ambitious’ trait of mine to ultimately try and overpower my fear of failure. The machine is so advanced that it can even pin point traumas that occurred to you in utero!


I was also showing high levels of heavy metals within the body; a notorious side affect from breast implants. I will be commencing a heavy meta detox with a product called BIO-CHELAT, as recommended by Chrissy.


Ultimately, my body had a collection of dysfunctions that were able to be rebalanced and retrained. Surprisingly, at the beginning of the session, the device does an initial overall reading which detected quite remarkable results. My vitality levels were a soaring 100, Hydration 80, Oxygen 74 – anxiety related, as it reduces your breath compacity, Resistance/Ability to heal 88 and Amper/Brain Serotonin functions 100. After it does its initial reading, it shows you your aura based on your frequencies. Mine was a white/aqua based colour that radiated outside of the perimeters, made my little spiritual heart happy!


After my treatment I felt on top of the world mentally! My creativity was flourishing, I was literally like a new woman. A new woman with a sore uterus missing her old pain threshold but I know it was no good for me to be so resistant to pain. Pain is such a natural part of life, without it we really can not evolve. I’m so thankful for the healing process my body has been on for the past 3 months and highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from internal illnesses, both mentally and physically.


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