Its gut wrenching, heartbreaking and it is painful. I feel like fighting with somebody who is truly close to you should be classified as a relationship rather than a friendship because the process is much the same.

It comes in waves!

If you can sit there and feel uneasy with resistance to disconnect it’s because your ego overpowered your heart.

Don’t be a slave to your ego.

You shouldn’t make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. Although it hurts, we need to channel into our subconscious being and let ourselves breathe for a moment. The friendships that truly matter deserve this respect.

You can choose to let such things linger and stay stagnant or you can choose to take this as the opportunity for growth. You’ve learnt new things about one another and perhaps you are more alike than you thought. This can be confronting when trying to discuss one’s emotions because if you are a little stubborn like myself it can be a bit of a merry go round if your friend holds the same qualities.

I think this is really when you need to come back down to love. Although expressions of emotions and talking it out is important it is even more crucial to come from a place of love. A mutual respect.

Look at the bigger picture…

I am all for letting go of things that no longer serve you however if you base such reaction on one event you are doomed for friendships that are going to fail. We need to be realistic. Nobody is programmed as the perfect human with all of the right things to say and actions to be made. How we handle our flaws and grow from them is what truly makes us.

I know for me I find it hard to say the right things to somebody in heated moments because I am an analyser. I am my best version of myself when I have allowed myself the opportunity to review my actions and the circumstances. Its unfortunate because this is unrealistic. It come across as weakness and seeking the easy outlet when it’s not the intention at heart. 

Writing for me, is ones most significant way of expression. Heated moments deny you the chance to backspace your words made out of anger. You cannot process what is going on. You lose control of what is important in the slavery to ego.

Even now I find it comforting writing this to understand myself and who I am. Yet simultaneously as confronting because confrontation manifests anxiety for me. It’s easy to sit back and blame yourself for things that are out of your control. If you need to write about it for a clearer mind than do it. Its empowering. Its reassuring!

Being an empathic person also has its repercussions because self-blame can ultimately eat you up more than your ego. My advice is to stay true to who you are. Trust your gut. If resistance is there than figure out where it is coming from. Evaluate diligently. Step into your power with best intentions.

Do not forget that your battles are your own. If that feeling in your gut is coming from another source you are already setting yourself for a messy battle field.

A wise man once told me if you are holding onto something deep within your subconscious you need to cut the cord or you will be anchored to this earth in the most unearthly way.

Growth cannot evolve from cords holding you back. You must cut the cord and vibrate higher. Know your worth. You are so above this.

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