Taking back your HEALTH

There are just soooo many things I want to cover on this subject that I really think it needs to be broken up in a few blogs but I will try and simplify it to the best of my ability.

Although 2018 was truly so special to me because we gave birth to our long awaited second child and I had phenomenal year of self growth, it was also the worst for health. My pregnancy went very smoothly and I am so very thankful for this. My birth is something I will cover in another blog because lets face it, birth is a story of its own! (and rightfully so!)

Roughly 5 months post birth I was starting to feel somewhat like myself again and the baby fog was fading away. I am usually very connected to my body and subconscious mind however I invest all energy into my child when I am pregnant and during those first few months of life therefore I get put on the back burner. I know right? putting your needs below all others is insane but when it comes to your children it is inevitable. So after those 5 months I realised although the fog had cleared, my body felt like it was trying to keep up with me? I’m a 25 year old healthy woman that such an advocate for all things health. I had no post baby hormonal imbalances and body healing to blame anymore. What on earth was going on?

My subconscious mind was trying desperately to warn me of the toxins within in my body. I was dreaming of leeches on my mouth and cancer. Your mind is such a powerful tool. Although I had neglected myself, my never gave up. A few days went by and I decided to book myself into the doctors for a health check. My symptoms didn’t raise alarm bells to my GP but I requested a post birth ultrasound. This ultrasound confirmed RPOC (retained products of conception/placenta) inside of my body! I immediately felt sick when I heard this information and honestly I felt disappointed that I hadn’t listened to the signs beforehand. Although my symptoms were not shocking, I coated them with excuses and blamed them on just giving birth.

I want to share a little story to really explain the power of our mind and just how important it is to listen to your intuition.

A lady who suffered from memory loss visited a clinic once a week and each week she would shake her doctors hand and reintroduce herself. One week the doctor held a pin in the palm of his hand so that when they shook hands the pin would spike her skin.

The next week she went back to the clinic and even though she did not remember the clinicians name she pulled her hand away when he tried to shake her hand. He asked what she was doing and she explained, why should a woman have to shake a mans hand?

She remembered the pain! She also made excuses for it. They worked on this same scenario each session until he opened the gate to her subconscious mind and she learnt to listen and heal herself. She no longer suffered from this loss.

The placenta was extracted safely and I was on the road to recovery but I knew in my heart I was not truly healed yet. I still suffered from a list of things that had been long term sufferings of mine. For the past year I had come across BII (Breast implant illness) and again I made excuses for my health and blamed them on having children. Something changed the day that placenta finally left my body. So did my excuses.

Within the week I scheduled an appointment with the specialist and booked for my implants to be removed. They will be gone in Feb this year and it makes me so incredibly proud that I am putting myself first again and my health. My journey may not be over yet but I know the journey within myself has just started and it is the most authentic and exciting one yet.

More blogs on my BII, Birth of Wynter, Healing Eczema, Kinesiology and more will be shared soon.

Healing minds and bodies xx

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